A KIND OF MAGIC: long-term project promoting diversity
(detailed description is on: trainings.salto-youth.net/7014)


A KIND OF MAGIC is a long-term Erasmus+ project for youth workers and youth leaders working with different diversity groups and marginalised youth.
It consists of 2 residential training courses (TC) and a coaching and practice phase between.

First meeting will take place 9-16. February 2018 in ecological center Slunakov (www.slunakov.cz/en/) close to Olomouc, Czech Republic.
Second meeting will take place 21-27. May 2018 in Sermugnano close to Rome, Italy.

Between the first and second training course participants will implement non-formal education activities in their local communities. They will receive support and coaching for developing them, and on second training course they will share their experience and learning.

WANT TO APPLY? bit.ly/apply_magic
WANT TO KNOW MORE? Write to us: amagicTC@gmail.com :)